Aug 12, 2012

The Soul Brother Show Featuring Saidah Baba Talibah



What's happening, my friend? You're in the mix with Mr. Chris for another SERIOUS podcast of The Soul Brother Show - The Home of Heavy Soul and Raw Funk! I am so amped about this show as I bring to you and introduce to some the talents of Saidah Baba Talibah, who has stopped by to talk about her career and her must-have new project, (S)Cream! To round it out we got some funky fresh jams from the likes of Elle Varner, TV On the Radio, and London Bridgez to get you on your feet and rockin' out in the name of real music! As always, sit back, relax, and enjoy! 

The Soul Brother Show is now available on iTunes and be sure to cop your free Android and iPhone apps so that no matter where you are in the world, you will always have Soul!

Special thanks to each and everyone of you who continue to show love and support for The Soul Brother Show and The Soul Sister Show. You are appreciated!

Extra, extra props and pounds going out to my lovely and multi-talented wife Georgette a-k-a the Soul Sister for the love and the bomb ass graphics! 


Elle Varner - "Sound Proof Room" 

Prince - "Guitar" 

The Big Ol' Nasty Getdown - "Room 2012" 

Kelli Sae - "No Use" 

The Family Stand - "Plantation Radio" 

Caron Wheeler - "Wind Cries Mary" 

Betty Davis - "Anti Love Song" 

The Jimi Hendrix Experience - "Message to Love" 

Black Merda - "Prophet" 

Saidah Baba Talibah - "(S)Cream" 

Saidah Baba Talibah - "Bang it Back" 

Saidah Baba Talibah - "Good Morning Baby" 

TV On the Radio - "Second Song" 

Pure Hell - "No Rules" 

Bad Brains - "Banned in D.C." 

London Bridgez - "She" 

(i am) isis - "I Saw You"