Jul 27, 2013

Sweet Sister Funk



What's happening, good people? You're in the mix with Mr. Chris for a SENSATIONAL podcast of The Soul Brother Show - The Home of Heavy Soul and Raw Funk! It's hotter than a Louisiana fish fry but I got the sounds that'll keep you cooler than a polar bear's toenails with some serious "Sweet Sister Funk!" From the likes of the Jackson Sisters and Marlena Shaw, I got some grooves that'll sho' nuff make you move! As always, sit back, relax, and enjoy! 

Special thanks to each and everyone of you who continue to show love and support for The Soul Brother Show and The Soul Sister Show. You are appreciated! 

Extra, extra props and pounds going out to my lovely and multi-talented wife Georgette a-k-a the Soul Sister for the love and inspiration! 


Jackson Sisters - "I Believe in Miracles" 

Natalie Cole - "Annie Mae" 

Hodges, James & Smith - "Nobody" 

Betty Davis - "F.U.N.K." 

Lyn Collins - "Give It Up or Turn It Loose" 

Marva Whitney - "Unwind Yourself" 

Ty Karim - "Wear Your Natural, Baby" 

Aretha Franklin - "The Sister From Texas" 

Dorothy Morrison - "I Can't Go Without You" 

Marlena Shaw - "Liberation Conversation" 

Pointer Sisters - "Yes We Can Can" 

M-D-L-T Willis - "What's Your Game" 

Valerie Simpson - "Silly Wasn't I" 

Sylvia - "Sweet Stuff" 

Patti Jo - "Hard to Handle"